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HTML5 Today is a training session targeted at developers of Microsoft technologies to explain what HTML5 is and why they should be using it today. Here's the abstract...

Curious about the HTML5 buzz? Don't understand what the big deal is? We'll show you what's in HTML5 and outline a few forward-looking discussions. Expect to walk away with an understanding of what's in HTML5, why you should be using it today, and a guide to get you started.

The content will be fully implemented in HTML5 and work in all browsers and on all devices ...or, at least it should :-/ A large focus will be placed on ensuring capabilities work, even when not available in specific browsers. The goal is to use the content as proof of and demonstration for the approach that's being recommended.

Currently, there are 2 modes -- one for reading (read) and one for a presentation (play). Use standard back (left arrow) and forward (right arrow) navigation. We are on our third release, from Sep 14, 2011, which focused on refactoring the presentation mode.

We're taking a new look at how this should be structured for the future, so expect some big changes in the next release. We don't have any timing on that right now, but let us know if you have any thoughts.

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