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Here's a brief description of HTML5 Boilerplate from the creators...

HTML5 Boilerplate is the professional badass's base HTML/CSS/JS template for a fast, robust and future-proof site.

After more than three years in iterative development, you get the best of the best practices baked in: cross-browser normalization, performance optimizations, even optional features like cross-domain Ajax and Flash. A starter apache .htaccess config file hooks you the eff up with caching rules and preps your site to serve HTML5 video, use @font-face, and get your gzip zipple on.

Boilerplate is not a framework, nor does it prescribe any philosophy of development, it's just got some tricks to get your project off the ground quickly and right-footed.


For HTML5 Today, we decided to start with Boilerplate Documented (using v1.0 on May 14, 2011). This was just a starting point. From there, we recommend going thru the template line-by-line to validate what’s included is what you’re looking for. We didn’t like everything, but it was a great starting point. Here are the things we did, after importing the template into our project.

  • Deleted .gitignore and .htaccess – we targeted TFS and a self-contained app, with plans to host on Windows Azure
  • Changed apple-touch-icon.png and related images
  • Changed favicon.ico
  • Updated humans.txt and added a <link rel="author"> to it in index.html – we were surprised the link wasn’t part of the template, since it’s part of the humans.txt guidance
  • In index.html
    • Added self-closing “/” to applicable elements – just a personal preference
    • Removed ChromeFrame trigger from X-UA-Compatible
    • Updated <meta name="author">
    • Added the Google Analytics site id
  • Added web.config – we used a .NET 4 version of the web.config file in Boilerplate Custom
  • Replaced jQuery and Modernizr references with NuGet versions for simplified maintenance

We’d like to switch to a PowerShell-based build script, but that is lower on the priority list right now.

A few other things you might want to consider looking into are:

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